Slimline pocket planner inserts

Thanks for stopping by. Today Rubbernecker stamps design team is creating anything but a card. Besides card making I love decorating and using my planner so I decided to combine my two paper loves into one. I made these super easy laminated pocket sleeves to hold the largest slimline die cut.

Products used

Nested Rectangle Die (slimline)

Woodland Animals Clear Stamp Set

Ghost die

Bats and Spiders Dies

Tiny Leaves Die

Upper Case Alphabet Die

Color Fuse Inks

Bee Hive Die

To make these pocket inserts

Cut your laminated sheets into 3 1/4″ by 8 1/4″. These come attached as two pieces. Each sheet has a shiny and a frosted side. Once cut take the shiny side of each one and place them together. (Shiny in, frosted out) You must have the shiny sides together or everything will laminate together and you will not have a pocket.

Once the frosted sides of your pocket are facing out and shiny in place them inside another set of laminated sheets. I do two at a time to not waste the laminated sheet.

Run through the laminator and trim each pocket to the desired size you want for your planner. To open the pocket you will need to trim the very top of the pocket along the seam. My sheets I cut down to approx 4 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ or 8 3/4″ leaving a 1/4″ on the outside edge and the inside edge I left approx 1/2″ to allow for my punch. I mostly went with what I liked visually when I was trimming the pocket. Be sure to round the corners once finished so they are not so sharp.

I have a punch that works for happy planner styles but if you use a ring binder style you could use a regular hole punch.

These pockets will fit the largest slimline die. You could also get creative and do it for all the different slimline die sizes.

I double cut each of the dies so I could back each one with a clean look (especially if you have coloured your images). This also creates another space to jot notes or decorate some more.

I hope you enjoyed these fun pockets and they are so easy to customize to any size of planner. You can even add glitter and sequins between the layers for a sparkly look.

Thanks for stopping by!,

Crafty hugs,


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